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Chairman’s Message

chairmanIt gives me immense pleasure for presenting Toms  college  of  Engineering  for you. The purpose for establishing Toms College is to train students in the field of Engineering  and  Technology  within  a  human  relations  approach  framework.

So goes the ancient  saying  “You  can lead  a horse  to water,  but you  can’t  make it drink” – so with the students. They will  do  what  they  want  or  otherwise  motivated to. Whether it is to excel in the classroom or in the workshop floor they  must be motivated or driven to  it  either  by  themselves  or  through  external stimulus.

Improving the performance of students is the true hallmark of any educational Institution. Performance is considered to be a  function  of  both  ability  and motivation. Ability is an inherent quality that  is endowed  with  individuals, which  can be improved through learning  and  experience.  On  the  other  hand  motivation can be improved only by a systematic approach. At TOMS  you  have  a  set  of  people,  imbibed with  enough  strategies to motivate you  in your  endeavor to grow   to  your  full potential.

TCE offers courses in some very demanding branches such as Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering  and  Computer  Science  and  Engineering.

I am confident that the college will present a pleasant environment with strong educational support for all ambitious students to become successful Engineers with the highest employment potential as well as entrepreneurial   abilities.

I congratulate you for your decision to devote your  career to this noble  service,  and providing  us  an  opportunity to  prepare you  for this  dignified    profession.

Thanking you,

Er. Tom T. Joseph C. Eng. (I) MIE