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Central Library

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College Library

TOMS College of Engineering sports an excellent library facility with books and publications from diverse streams. The library opens a spectacular window to the world of knowledge and is well equipped in every manner.

toms college of engineeringtoms college of engineering 

Library Automation

The Library uses the automation software “LIBSOFT” for its operations; with a fully bar-coded collection and web-enabled OPAC service throughout the Campus.

Digital Library

The Digital Library is equipped with multi-media systems with dedicated broadband internet. More than 100 CDs and other electronic resources in all topics are one of the key facilities in the digital library with which the students & faculty members are exposed to the state-of-the-art technologies in the field of engineering & technology. Other facilities incorporated into the digital library services include Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Internet Facility, Multi-Media Facility, Smart Card Based Bar-coded Transactions, etc…

Services provided in the library

  • News Paper Clipping Service
  • Curriculum Support
  • Information Alerts
  • Current Affairs Awareness Service
  • Selective Dissemination of Information
  • Reference Service
  • Research reference Services
  • Reprographic Services
  • User Instruction and Orientation
  • NDL (National Digital Library) facility
  • NPTEL Facility
  • Online Journal (J-Gate) and Print Journal

Library Rules and Regulations

  • Staff and students of the College are eligible for the membership and to use the facilities and resources of the Library.
  • Membership application in the prescribed format shall be duly filled and approved by the principal in the case of the staff, and by the concerned staff advisor in the case of students be furnished.
  • Visitors shall enter their name, status, membership number in the Gate register at the time of entry.
  • Library open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on working days.( Circulation time- 9am to 4.30pm)
  • All personnel belongings such as text books, note books, files, bags, umbrellas etc. should be kept in the property counter. However calculators and plain papers for taking note can be brought inside the library.
  • Books in the Reference section are not open for borrowing.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. Strict silence should be observed within the Library.
  • Students are using proper dress code in the Library.
  • Students shall have their identity card with them while in the Library and shall produce the issue counter.
  • Writing or underlining in the books, periodicals, maps, charts etc. is forbid. The person is whose name a book/s is issued shall be held responsible for the care of the same. He/She will have to bear the compensation for any damage or loss. If books borrowed from the Library are lost, the matter must be reported to the Librarian immediately. The member has to replace the same or later edition of the same books lost/damaged within a week’s time. If the replacement is not possible following will be the procedure to recover the cost of the book lost/damaged.
  • For a foreign book: The cost of the book converted as per current conversion rate for the foreign currency plus 200% of the cost, will be recovered.
  • For an Indian book: Printed price of the book plus 200% of the cost will be recovered.
  • Periodicals: Same as above.
  • Students are eligible to borrow two books at a time from Library. Faculty members are eligible to borrow five books and technical, administrative staff members are eligible to borrow two books at a time.
  • Librarian shall have the right to recall at any time any book issued from the Library.
  • Period of borrowing will be fourteen days including the day of the issue. If the member fails to return the book on the 15th day, a fine of Rs. 1 per day, per book, will be levied during the first week, Rs. 2 per day per book during the second week, and Rs. 5 per day thereafter.
  • Members are not supposed to sub-lend books borrowed from the Library.
  • Periodicals and CDs are regarded as reference material.
  • All books borrowed should be returned at the end of the semester examinations.
  • A student needs to get Clarence before registering to the next semester. Also a student leaving the institution before, or after completing the course, has to produce a ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the Librarian for getting any certificate or reimbursement of the caution deposit from the college.
  • Students shall not attempt to alter Library seating arrangements.
  • Library Rules are liable to change from time to time.

Membership is open to all in TOMS College of Engineering.

Help Desk-Email: librarian@toms.ac.in

Librarian : Mr. Kalesh Gopalan

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