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Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives implemented by the college are mainly intended to ensure academic excellence and quality. The initiatives are focussed to :-

Improve the graduate outcomes for the students, so that they get access to employment/self-employment or engage themselves in the aim of higher education.
Encourage the link of the students with the society/industry such that the students are involved in socially-productive activities.
Educate students in crucial professional and life skills such as effective communication, leadership and social skills; instill professional ethics, universal human values, the spirit of innovation/entrepreneurship and critical thinking among the students and promote avenues for the display of these talents.
In order to attain the above objectives ,the following initiatives are undertaken like- Induction programme for students, revision of curriculum in regular intervals, Adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based learning tools for an effective teaching-learning process, Imparting Life Skills to students; Social and industry connect; Adopting villages/schools for the exchange of knowledge and for the overall social/ economic betterment of the village communities; Feedback Evaluation and tracking of students’ progress after completion of the course, Faculty development and research orientation.

The Year-wise Quality Initiatives of the Institution is as follows,


IQAC Quality Initiatives

  • Academic and Administrative Audit
  • ISO Certification
  • NIRF India Ranking Participation
  • Feedbacking Mechanism
  • E-Governance in Documentation
  • Participation in AISHE Survey
  • Faculty Development Programmes
  • Professional Development Programmes
  • Quality Audits
  • Gender Audit
  • Energy Audit
  • Water Audit
  • Environment Audit
  • Training for Admission Nodal Officers
  • Student Induction Programme
  • Mentor-Mentee Programme
  • Student Orientation Programmes
  • Orientation Programmes on NAAC Accreditation
  • Establishing Innovation Cell
  • Initiatives on IPR
  • Establishing Students wing of IQAC
  • Capacity Building Programmes
  • Initiatives for Research Promotion
  • Meetings of IQAC and DQAC

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