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Central Computing Facility

English Language Laboratory

A language laboratory is a dedicated space for  language learning where students access audio or audio-visual materials. They allow a teacher to listen to and manage student audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets or in isolated ‘sound booths.’ Language labs provide practice in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the 4 main language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They offer students a structured E-Learning environment that is successful and reliable.

OS Installed : Windows 7

C Programming Lab

C is a very detailed programming language and is one of the languages that anyone can start with. C programming is a great gateway to become coder. The language is very detailed in every aspect. It gives you a great idea about the storage of values like integers, decimal numbers, characters and strings. It’s not an Internet Hoax that C is called as mother of all languages, almost every programming language share some syntax with C language. By learning just this language, you will learn the basic terminologies for all programming languages.

OS Installed : Ubuntu 21.10
Application Software : GCC, LIBREOFFICE, JAVA, PYTHON

Data Structures Lab

OS Installed :Ubuntu 21.10
Application Software’s : GCC, PYTHON, LIBREOFFICE, JAVA

Free and Open Source Software Lab

Free and open source software lab aims to build an understanding various Linux commands. To make students familiar with Shell Programming, packet management, PHP, Perl ,Awk. FOS lab enable the students to use open source packages in open source platform. Develop shell scripts and GUI for specific needs, Use tools like GIT, and Perform basic level application deployment, kernel configuration and installation, packet management and installation

List of Experiments

  • Linux basic commands for directory operations
  • Linux commands for redirection, pipes, filters, job control, changing ownership/permissions of files/links/directory.
  • Advanced linux commands
  • Shell Programming –CPU information
  • Shell script to show various system configurations like
  • Write a shell script – menu driven calculator
  • Version Control System setup and usage using GIT.
  • Packet management system.
  • Simple text processing using Perl, Awk.
  • Running PHP
  • Virtualisation environment
  • Compiling from source
  • Kernel configuration, compilation and installation :
  • GUI Programming
  • Installing various software packages.
  • Configuring services such as gateway, DNS, IP tables

OS Installed :Ubuntu 21.10
Application Software’s : GCC, JAVA, Perl, PHP, Awk, GIT

Faculty Incharge: Asst.prof. Neethu krishna

System Software Lab

OS Installed : Ubuntu 21.10
Application Software’s : GCC, PYTHON, LIBREOFFICE, JAVA

Application Software Development Lab

OS Installed :Ubuntu 21.10
Application Software’s : SQL,GCC, PYTHON, LIBREOFFICE, JAVA

Network Programming Lab

OS Installed : Ubuntu 21.10
Application Software’s : GCC, Java

Compiler Design Lab

OS Installed : Ubuntu 21.10
Application Software’s : GCC, Java

Project Lab

OS Installed : Ubuntu 21.10
Application Softwares : GCC, LibreOffice, MATLAB, JAVA

Central Xeroxing Facility
Computing Facilities along with LAN and Internet
Secured Wi-Fi Facility
Computer Applications Laboratory

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