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The Chairman is the person who has the overall (including financial) responsibility for
running the organization on a full time basis. He is the person responsible for formulating a system
to run the organization and adhering to the system requirements and prevents system lapses. He is the person who has the authority to execute decisions/plans. The responsibilities and authority as appropriate may be delegated to the subordinates for implementation.

The duties and responsibilities of Chairman encompass:

i. Ensuring that all relevant requirements and regulations of University are complied with.
ii. Organize, manage and supervise all activities including quality monitoring, within the
organization and doing the surveillance (from logistic and instructional point).
iii. Direct proper quality control set-up to ensure and enable the teaching in accordance with
the organizations, manufacturers and University/UGC requirements.
iv. Provide premises and ensure that office accommodation appropriate to the management
of the teaching is made available.
v. Ensure that appropriate instructions are developed, maintained, documented and followed
for compliance with the requirements including payment of any charges.
vi. Provide staff and ensure that all personnel are appropriately trained and qualified to
accomplish the University/UGC norms for teaching.
vii. Provide suitable facilities (workshops and equipment) to enable the organization to work as
per the granted approval.
viii. Provide direction and control for the following engineering sections, as applicable:             

                       a) Workshops and Laboratories

                       b) Academic departments

                       c) Stores, Canteen etc.

                       d) Technical Planning & Cost Control.

ix. Ensure safety, health and welfare of all personnel pertaining to the institution. Provide
suitable working environment to all.
x. Establish an effective cost control system.
xi. Disciplinary action against erring personnel.
xii. Provide necessary finance for ensuring compliance with the above.


The principal shall be the head of the college and shall be responsible for the internal
management of the college.
1. The Principal shall be responsible for the conduct of the academic programmes in accordance
with the University Manual and shall ensure that all the conditions of approval are complied
2. He shall ensure that appropriately qualified Teachers are available in adequate number to
cover specific subjects.
3. He shall ensure that each student admitted for the course possesses minimum qualifica-tions
and fulfils the criteria for admission as stipulated in the University/UGC statutes.
4. He shall ensure that the courses start at exact time each year. He shall forward the list of
admitted students to University.
5. He shall ensure that the teaching aids, practical equipments etc. are kept in clean and
serviceable condition for demonstration and practical training.
6. He shall ensure that adequate quantities of reference books are available in the College
library. In addition, he shall ensure that students utilize library facilities.
7. He shall ensure that a high standard of instruction is maintained.

8. He shall ensure that question papers are set, examinations are conducted and evaluation
of answer sheets are done in an efficient, time bound free and fair manner.
9. He shall ensure that record of proper attendance of each student is maintained.
10. He shall ensure that permanent record of all students admitted to the course and their
progression through the various semesters of the course is maintained.
11. He shall be responsible for submitting reports on intakes and results of semester
examinations to the University.
12. He shall forward the applications of all eligible candidates to the University for appearing
in the Degree examinations conducted by the University.
13. He shall maintain record of each candidate’s results of University examinations.
14. He shall make arrangements for practical of students.
15. He shall issue the course completion certificate after successful completion of the course.
16. He shall ensure that due facilities are provided to University/Govt. officers for inspection
of the college.
17. The principal is responsible to prevent ragging both within & outside the institution
18. He shall make necessary arrangements for the development of an atmosphere which
would create as many startups as possible.


The Head of the Department is overall authority his branch. He is required to ensure
smooth functioning of the department in addition to the teaching duty.
● He shall ensure that all the faculties in his branch perform their duty effectively and
efficiently to the satisfaction of the stake holders.
● He shall ensure that the laboratories in the department are well equipped and maintained according to the curriculum. All the equipment in the laboratories/ workshops must be functional to conduct the Practicals properly. He will decide about the meaningful project of the students in consultation with the faculties and monitor the performance of every
● Provide adequate and updated literature for the teaching to be performed which includes
all necessary technical data.
● He shall be responsible for keeping attendance register of each staff and student in his
● He shall ensure that adequate quantities of reference books are available in the department
● The HOD shall ensure that lesson plans and class room notes are prepared and issued to all
students on various subjects. He shall also ensure that each student maintain his record books,
and are verified and signed by the Teacher-in-charge, and certify the same.
● He shall monitor the performance of students during their practical. He shall ensure that
the students maintain their record books during this period.


The faculty should be knowledgeable and duly qualified to undertake the instruction in
the assigned subjects. The College should have balanced staff of persons suitably qualified in
all subjects listed in the syllabi. The Instructors should have an aptitude for teaching and should
be patient, enthusiastic and be able to keep discipline.
1. They shall ensure full attendance of the students and shall mark it in the relevant register
at the beginning of the class.
2. They shall maintain a Personal Diary and record the theory and practical classes
undertaken by them. This diary is the property of the Institute and must be submitted to
the college after every Semester and when asked for.
3. The faculty-in-charge of every class shall ensure that the students submit their record
book and certify the same.

4. The faculties shall prepare Teaching Notes, preferably from UGC recommended books,
and the same be supplied to the students before the commencement of every unit of study.
6. They shall prepare Lesson plans of the assigned subject/s before the commencement of
every semester.
7. They shall update the question banks and training aids.
8. They shall scrutinize the short notes, as well as assignments of the students.
9. They shall conduct examinations at the end every unit of study as well as at the end of
the Semesters.
10. They shall ensure the serviceability of various equipment/teaching aids.
11. Workshop Instructors shall be responsible for planning for raw material, tools and
equipment for the practical.

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