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How To Build A Lucrative Career in Computer Science in 2022 June 29, 2022

Introduction to Computer Science

Computer science is the branch of engineering that covers the practical and theoretical applications of computers. The tech boom of the 21st century has resulted in a massive windfall for jobs concerning computers. As the discipline that deals with the study of computer engineering, management, and algorithm functions, computer science engineers have a massive impact on people's lives.

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Perks of a Career in Computer Science

1. A career in computer science is highly employable. The job market for computer science graduates is expected to grow in the coming decade, adding more jobs than many other engineering disciplines combined.

2. Computer science graduates enjoy a handsome salary range, exceeding the median pay of many other leading technology industries.

3.Graduates have a chance to work on cutting-edge projects by global companies.

4. Computer science engineers have versatile career choices, spanning from developing a game to curing infectious diseases.

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What is the Best Field of Computer Science for the Future

The future for CS looks good. Computer science majors have immense potential for career growth and specialization in their field. The graduates mostly work in STEM, as they are the gold standard of the IT sector. If you're wondering if choosing a computer science career in 2022 is a good idea, then the answer is yes. The choice of computer science has gone up just in the last decade, with more than 11% of jobs created in the technology sector falling straight to the computer science graduates. The main job roles of computer science graduates are computer support specialist, programmer, software developer, security analyst, computer scientist, etc.

Apart from the traditional fields of CS, there are many new and lucrative fields of computer science attracting thousands of young people, namely, artificial intelligence, game design, graphics, data science, programming languages, information security, etc.

Six CS Jobs With Highest Salaries

1. Computer Systems Analyst

The main job of a Computer Systems Analyst is to design, plan, and install new systems for companies and businesses that can facilitate their operations and curtail heavy expenses. Employers prefer graduates who can execute the role in the most efficient manner, without any errors in the product. Almost every modern business uses a computer system analyst for their commercial and business use. An undergraduate degree in computer science is a sure-shot way to enter the job force and claim this high-paying job.

2. Network Security Administrator

Unlike the rest of the job profiles, which involve building and creating, a Network Security Administrator is responsible for enforcing systems and laws within the computer networks to safeguard digital infrastructure. Their job duties include performing tasks and shedding light on the lack of security of digital databases. They also devise plans to foil hacking plots and respond to lapses in the service and security of a system.

3. System Software Engineer

System Software Engineers are trained computer science graduates who use a combination of theories and principles to get the computer networks running. The job covers the theory of computation and information to process and implement designs involving software and hardware of computer programming. System Software Engineers are dynamic workers who are responsible for new additions to the forever evolving industry.

4. Development Operations Engineer

Development Operations engineers implement the automated applications and transition the organization from traditional holder to cloud technology. DevOps engineers manage products and fix the issues hands-on to deliver excellent applications that can be used by the general public. With a mix of skill, creativity and problem-solving ability, you can excel as a DevOps engineer.

5. Software architect

Software engineers take up the critical task of building, planning, and creating applications for a system. They can work in an independent capacity or for an organization. Software architects play an exciting role in the industry, as they push the game ahead and design things for the future.

6. Cyber security engineer

Cyber security engineers protect the system from internal threats and malware to analyse the security of the network. Primarily, they build firewalls and organize screenings and testing of products. Unlike the other computer science engineers who focus on building computer programs and software, cyber security engineers act as a defence for the system.

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5 Must-Have skills To Make A Career in Computer Science


Computer science engineers must have the calibre and flexibility to work with the latest technology. As a computer engineer, you must be leading the wave of change, and not be resistant to it. As a successful computer science engineer, you must be able to adjust to new changes.

2.Coding and Computer Skills:

Coding is the computer’s language which is used to prepare software and programs that are used by the general public. Coding is the secret weapon of computer science graduates and a must-have skill for all professionals.


Computer engineers must work with teams to develop frameworks and debug programs. Computer engineers work with a team of people, as the project at hand is often very large and is handled by multiple people at once.


Computer science engineers are creative, passionate, and skilled in finding solutions to complex problems. Creativity is an essential skill that computer science engineers must have, as almost all graduates are technically skilled to counter problems, but being successful in this field requires a little more than that.


Working with a team and forming professional relationships with peers is a guaranteed pathway to success. Since a lot of work in this field is a cooperative effort, it is important to communicate your value to your peers and build relationships accordingly.

How To Choose A Career in Computer Science in 2022

To get a job in this field, you must be able to broadcast your computer programming skills to the public. Here are some tips to get started:

1.Get an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from a leading university such as TOMS College of Engineering And Polytechnic, Kerela.

2.Build an impressive resume and highlight your computer engineering skills with facts and figures.

3.Build a strong network of fresh graduates and seasoned computer engineers.

4.Hone your technical and social skills by being a part of the industry and attending workshops/seminars.

In Conclusion,

Computer science is a global degree, with potential that reaches far and beyond other disciplines in the field. Computer science is a great field of engineering and is considered to be the "safest" degree in terms of employment. Students looking for a meaningful job in the field of computers can choose it as their career.

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