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Toms College of Engineering on utilizing lockdown Period March 27, 2020 This blog is made by Toms College of Engineering in the wake of the Corona Virus outbreak.In the light of Covid19 outbreak, the Country has been forced into a temporary lockdown of its operations. This has lead to the closure of many businesses, schools, colleges and factories meaning people have been forced to stay at home to prevent the further spread of the virus.To many people, staying at home would be considered boring as there is nothing much to do while at home although there are many activities you can do at home to keep your mind occupied. Some of these are:

Cleaning your Home and surroundings Cleaning your home and surroundings is especially important at this time as various studies report that the Corona virus can live on surfaces for a number of days. Hence, one must constantly clean your homes by using any disinfectants or soap water to prevent the spread of the virus. Get 15 minutes of Sunlight exposure Many of you maybe suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Getting 15 minutes of sunlight everyday can help you in solving this problem. Besides, many studies have shown that exposure to Sunlight can be good for your skin. 30 Minutes of Meditation Meditation is the relaxation of the mind and body. Meditation helps us in reducing stress and anxiety, increasing creativity, improving emotional stability etc. It also has several health benefits. Therefore, one must try to get at least 30 minutes of Meditation everyday. Eating less In this time of home quarantine, many people would have a tendency to eat every now and then and in large quantities. But one should try to control their level of intake during this time as they are more prone to get unhealthy fats in your body due to lack of exercising or outdoor activities. Arranging all important data and certificates During this time, one may try to sort out all important documents and certificates and arrange them in a definite order. These may include your property documents, bank papers, Aadhar cards, PAN cards, bills etc. Free access to story books Many websites are offering free access to their stories till the end of March. Children may be given access to read such stories as it can help in keeping their minds occupied thus preventing them from going outside.

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