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TOMS College of Engineering- History, and Legacy August 31, 2022

TOMS College of Engineering- History, and Legacy

If ever being into the science stream in your school, must have had this thought to be an engineer at least once a lifetime, isn’t it?

Engineering, among popularly opted careers by students after completing their schooling, is for some valid reasons. Engineering is a branch of science that deals with the design, building, and maintenance of certain structures to yield creative outputs in order to help mankind.

Certainly, budding passionate engineers possess that superpower to transform the world with new innovations every now and then. This being just said this superpower is nothing but the vast domain knowledge captured within Engineering.

Engineering courses thus bring in vast learning with a vast syllabus during four-year or three-year graduate programs mainly (B.Tech or Diploma) and then through higher degree programs like M.Tech too.

The role of colleges and institutes could not be withheld from being thankful for especially when the country needs to see and value more development and progress in the coming years. Here’s one of the best private engineering colleges for your updates which would be the life-changing place you would actually enter - TOMS College of Engineering.

A brief history of TOMS College of Engineering

TOMS College of Engineering was established under its parent Visveswaraya Institute of Engineering and Technology (VIET) in 1988. The sole leader who initiated the big step namely Er. Tom T Joseph being the chairman has been a man of words and remarkable achievements.

Some of the achievements at VIET that would be forever marked gracefully with golden words in history include:-

  • Enlisted into the “Limca Book of Records” from 2007- Maximum All India Ranks gained.
  • An estimated 177 All India Ranks by AMIE.
  • Around 115 graduates getting admission into IIT’s and NIT’s.
  • Placed around 250 engineers into top recruiting companies and government firms.
  • About 200+ Alumni’s getting an opportunity as professors and Assistant Professors in various deemed institutes.

Salient Features of TOMS

Have a look upon some of the salient features of TOMS to know why its worth coming here:-

Aesthetic campus locations

Situated amidst the beautiful Kerala, with utmost ambience and peaceful campuses in Mattakara, a district in Kottayam. TOMS College is known for its aesthetic infrastructure along with just quality learning through its engineering courses.

Courses and Affiliations

At TOMS College of Engineering, there has been ample opportunities to explore in the vast domain of engineering. Through four year graduate professional courses like B.Tech or even three year Diploma courses in engineering, the college ranks genuinely to be on the 2nd number among all private colleges in Kerala.

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Moreover, engineering courses, mainly B.Tech and Diploma, at TOMS are affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) and the Department of Technical Education (DTE) Govt. of Kerala. Thus being a certified and AICTE approved college for a better future.

Known for its maximum literacy ever contributed to the country’s growth, Kerala has TOMS College equally striving to work for giving open-ended learning to future engineers and professionals.

An initiative to up-bring new learning methods:- TOMS and Start-ups

TOMS being a private engineering college not only focuses on embracing students’ learning in engineering. Rather there comes up an insisted and insightful learning being given upon the importance of entrepreneurship and associated learning.

Apart from introducing entrepreneurship development programs as a part of the engineering curriculum, TOMS wishes its students to achieve greater in the respective fields that interest them.


With an in-class experience in terms of infrastructure, faculty, and hostel life, let’s come to the placements. TOMS has a genuine track record of getting students placed since its initial years i.e. 1988. The placements were almost above and around 115 at the initial and have been growing rapidly with an increase in admissions over years.

Almost 200+ Alumni to date have been employed as professors and lecturers in various renowned colleges and universities.

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From being established under its parent organization called Visveswaraya Institute of Engineering and Technology (VIET) to actually gaining rapid popularity and ranks among top listed private engineering colleges.

Fees structure:

What marks important before choosing any dream college is also an affordable fee structure. TOMS qualifies to owe a genuine and affordable B.Tech fees structure to passionate students.

Now, what marks the rich heritage, history, and legacy in coming years at TOMS College of Engineering? Let’s have a brief look over what TOMS has achieved as intentional engineering imparting college and what is yet to be achieved.

Rich Heritage and History of TOMS

1988- VIET i.e. Visveswaraya Institute of Engineering and Technology established (Kottayam campus)
1996- VIET relocated to Mattakara
2000- New college building at Mattakara
2003- Girls Hostel
2004- Boys Hostel
2005- Aeronautical Engineering (AMAeSI)
2008- VIET Auditorium inaugurated
2011- Purchasing aircraft and approval from DGC
2012- Visveswaraya institute of Aviation established (VIA)
2014- TOMS was approved by AICTE and got 14th rank by MG University, Govt. of Kerala.
2017- Ranked 6th in APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU)
2018- Approved for Diploma courses in Mechanical, Civil, and Chemical branches of engineering by AICTE.
2020- 2nd ranking at APJ Kalam Technological University i.e. KTU
2020- Approved Diploma engineering for Automobile, Electrical, and Electronics branches as well by AICTE

Upcoming goals and visions include targeting more placements and amendments in the course curriculum through insisting on entrepreneurship programs for a broader mindset for learners.

Wrapping up

Having looked upon so valuable insights into what marks the golden history and legacy too at TOMS. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that progress takes years to build just like worked for TOMS College of Engineering. Simply put, it’s about efforts and passion for engineering that will take you to a secure and successful life ahead. For that not only you would appreciate your efforts put in during your graduation years but also the right place to pursue your dream course.

As a whole, the one-stop to your linear and curved searching for the best private engineering colleges in Kerala. TOMS strive to safeguard a bright future through engineering courses in graduation and making believe in a bright future ahead.

B.Tech admissions could be one of the best decisions of your life if took last breath at TOMS College of Engineering.

Wishing lots of success in future endeavors!!

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