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Top career options after a degree in Mechanical Engineering April 19, 2022

Top career options after a degree in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an exciting field to enter: it is an amalgamation of science, and engineering, requiring a mind with the ability to solve mathematical problems together with creativity and innovative thinking. A mechanical engineer's work covers a wide range of specialties - from designing car engines to designing medical equipment.

The journey to a Mechanical engineering career begins with a BTech in mechanical engineering. It is an intense, demanding course of study. Yet upon graduation, the benefits that follow suit are immense. Students often get confused about jobs after mechanical engineering. So, to help students, this article lists the top 7 professional avenues after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Top 7 Career Paths after Mechanical Engineering

Automotive engineering

Automotive engineering deals with designing, manufacturing, and testing vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc. It is an interdisciplinary field combining mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, and safety engineering elements to design, manufacture, and test automobiles and their respective engineering subsystems.

Here engineers have to deal with- safety, fuel economy, emissions, design, cost, quality control, durability, drivability, performance, NVH, vehicle electronics, manufacturing, supply chain management, government regulations, etc. Further engineers have to also ensure maximum efficiency in production and implement lean manufacturing techniques such as Six Sigma and Kaizen. Joining an automotive firm is a dream of many Mechanical engineers, and the opportunities are also immense. Students looking forward to the automotive sector should develop expertise and skills in CAD, material science, battery technology, creativity, etc.

Material Science/Engineering

Materials Science/Engineering is a booming field with lots of lucrative opportunities. Material science is a complex field that combines engineering, physics, and chemistry principles to provide solutions. Here engineers study the properties, composition, and structure of various materials like metals, polymers, ceramics, etc. Therefore, materials science is essential to engineering and industrial fields like- electronics, semiconductors, polymers, aerospace, telecommunications, information processing, nuclear power, textile, automobile, energy conversion, etc. Students can make a great career in material science as researchers, metallurgists, analysts, etc. Having a higher qualification like Mtech or Ph.D. gives more in-depth knowledge to students for higher job roles.


Mechanical engineers also double up as good managers. Management is part of the Mechanical engineering curriculum. Here students can find job roles like project managers, sales managers, regional managers, supply chain managers, team leaders, industrial managers, etc. Students can also pursue MBA with a specialization in industrial management for higher job roles in industrial houses. There they can get the opportunity to manage various engineering projects, manage plant operations, manage supply chain logistics, etc. Students can also switch fields with an MBA in finance, marketing, HR, etc., as per their interests.


Robotics will play an essential role in the 4th industrial revolution. Factories of the future and even of the present are highly automated, with robots performing tasks that are difficult and dangerous for humans. Together with AI and quantum computing, robotics is expected to emerge as the most lucrative tech field. Robotics is a highly complex field combining material science, robotics, electronics, computer science, etc. Opportunities in robotics are immense; students here can design industrial robots, robotic toys, armed robots, drones, space bots, etc. The skillset requirement for robotics is way higher than in any other field; here, students have to master various skills like- computer science, coding, electronics design, etc.


Academics is an important career field and should never be underestimated. After completing their doctoral studies, students can join as assistant professors; they can also work as teaching assistants after MTech. Ph.D. scholars can also join companies as researchers and work as consultants.

The usual career path to academics is bachelor's, master's, and doctoral studies. Now students can also join the Ph.D. program directly after their bachelor's under the PMRF scheme.

Various universities and colleges offer many specializations for mechanical engineering students to choose from, like Thermal Engineering, Design of Mechanical Equipment, material technology, Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering, etc. A higher technical skill also attracts higher pay, so it's never good to underestimate a postgraduate degree.

The Ph.D. program is a 5 year-long course but very rewarding as well. During Ph.D., students can work on various projects as researchers, and after completion, they can also join faculty in private and government institutions.


Production engineering is one of the critical subjects of Mechanical engineering. Here engineers design and optimize the manufacturing processes, design tools and equipment, source and select raw materials, carry out quality control, plant maintenance, etc.

Production engineers are required in almost all industries, from space, semiconductors, textile, toys, electronics, and automobiles to processed food products. With new emerging fields like 3D printing, the opportunities in manufacturing have skyrocketed.

With the help of CAD software and a 3D printer, students can now design and manufacture anything from consumer goods to medical equipment. So, students with good CAD skills, design skills, and creativity can make a promising career in manufacturing.

Government Jobs

Students can also take government jobs after mechanical engineering. The government sector offers many opportunities exclusively for mechanical engineers, apart from the private sector.

Various government organizations like BIS, ISRO, DRDO, PSUs, Railways, Armed Forces, State PWD, CPWD, etc., offer exclusive jobs for mechanical engineers. Selections are generally made through Campus recruitment, GATE exam, UPSC ESE exam, State Engineering Services exams, SSC JE, etc.

These are very secure jobs, and the promotion prospects are fixed and limited in nature. Apart from technical jobs, students can also compete for UPSC civil services, State PSC, SSC, etc., for top-level executive jobs. So, these were the top 7 professional avenues for students after graduating in Mechanical Engineering. If you are a mechanical engineering enthusiast and want to pursue a Mechanical engineering career, join the B.tech in the mechanical engineering program at TOMS college of engineering and polytechnic.

TOMS offers the best education, training, skills, lab facilities, and job opportunities for students. The undergraduate program gives students immense practical knowledge to kickstart their own startups. The Mechanical Department also offers detailed studies in Automobile engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Design Optimisation, and Turbines.

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