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The engineering industry is an umbrella that covers vast engineering fields and one among those fields is chemical engineering. The global chemical industry is one of the prominent flourishing industries with a market value of 4.7 trillion US dollars. One of the largest grounds of chemical industries is the Asian continent with India being the primary country.

In India, the chemical industry is rising to peak with a market value of USD 232.6 billion in 2022 and thus offering impeccable career opportunities for skilled chemical engineers. Then why not consider B Tech Chemical Engineering for your bright future?

Let us explore more about B Tech Chemical Engineering and its career scope in this article.

The idea about the course, B Tech Chemical Engineering at TOMS College of Engineering:

A Chemical Engineering degree at an undergraduate level is provided as a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Chemical Engineering. Here are the course details:

Course Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
Specialization Chemical Engineering
Course Level Undergraduate Level
Duration 4 years
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue B Tech Chemical Engineering at TOMS College of Engineering are as follows:
  • Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with 45% aggregate in physics, chemistry and mathematics at any recognised educational institution.
  • Candidates who have completed Diploma in Chemical Engineering can apply for lateral entry to B Tech Chemical Engineering.
Admission Procedure Admission to the BTech Chemical Engineering degree is based on a 10+2 score at TOMS College of Engineering.
Course Fee BTech Chemical Engineering Course Fees at TOMS is INR 50,000 per year.

Having seen the chemical engineering course details, let us take a look at the syllabus of BTech Chemical Engineering at TOMS College of Engineering that decides the career scope for graduates in the chemical industry.

Syllabus of B Tech Chemical Engineering:

The curriculum, i.e., the syllabus of BTech Chemical Engineering is designed in such a way as to prepare the students for the global chemical industry. Here are the chemical engineering subjects for BTech:

Semester I Semester II
Technical English Mathematics II
Engineering Mathematics I Engineering Immersion Lab
Engineering Physics Materials Laboratory
Engineering Chemistry Physics Laboratory
Computer-Aided Engineer Drawing Computer Programming II
Chemistry Laboratory Engineering Physics II
Computer Programming Introduction to Chemical Engineering
CAD Laboratory Engineering Materials
Semester III Semester IV
Soft Skills Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Mathematics IV
Mathematics III Heat Transfer
Mechanical Operations Laboratory Chemical Technology
Instrumental Method of Analysis Membrane Separation Technology
Mechanical Operations Elective
Energy Balance and Thermodynamics Chemical Engineering Instrumentation Lab
Fluid Mechanics Chemical Technology Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Chemical Reaction Engineering I Chemical Reaction Engineering II
Optimisation Techniques Process Dynamics and Control
Diffusional Mass Transfer Operations Materials Technology
Statics and Strength of Materials Equilibrium Staged Operations
Elective Process Dynamics and Control
Probability and Statistics Numerical Methods
Mass Transfer Laboratory Process Control Lab
Strength of Materials Lab Mass Transfer Lab
Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Process Equipment Design and Drawing Elective
Elective Elective
Modelling, Computer Simulation and Optimisation Final Project
Polymer Technology Comprehensive Viva Voce

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Reasons to consider a career in B Tech Chemical Engineering:

Here are the reasons to take up BTech Chemical Engineering as a career:

A significantly growing industry, thus high career opportunities:

The global chemical industry is rapidly progressing and thus offers a significant career opportunity for students.

Multiple Areas of Recruitment after B Tech Chemical Engineering:

Placement in chemical engineering is provided in a wide range of sectors and thus expands the career pool. This is one of the most appreciable reasons to consider B Tech Chemical Engineering.
Here are some of the areas of recruitment for chemical engineering graduates:

  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Chemical Engineering Companies
  • Fertiliser Companies
  • Food and Drink Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Energy Companies

Wide range of career options available after B Tech Chemical Engineering:

Mining Engineer 5.55 LPA
Energy Manager 6.83 LPA
Materials Engineer 7 LPA

Better Higher Education Options:

The higher education options after BTech Chemical Engineering is notable as it offers many cross-disciplinary streams to pursue. Here are some of the higher education options available after BTech Chemical Engineering:

  • MTech Chemical Engineering
  • MTech in Bio Chemical Engineering Course
  • MTech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • MTech Energy Engineering
  • MTech Rubber Technology
  • MTech Environmental Engineering
  • MTech in Refinery Engineering
  • MTech in Petroleum Engineering
  • MTech Process and Design Engineering
  • MTech in Polymer Technology
  • Master of Business Administration

When the students are interested in chemistry and aspire to establish a strong career in the chemical engineering industry, then B Tech Chemical Engineering will be the right choice.

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As the chemical industry is making so much progress, the career scope it offers for B Tech Chemical Engineering students has significantly risen. So considering BTech Chemical Engineering as your career adds lots of value to your future.

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1. What is the scope of BTech Chemical Engineering?

The scope of BTech Chemical Engineering is far higher as the chemical industry in India as well as abroad is strikingly high. In addition, many other industries like energy, pharmaceutical, etc also hire chemical engineers.

2. Is chemical engineering good for future?

Yes, Chemical Engineering is good for the future as many chemical industries and interlinked industries are constantly established globally, thus creating career opportunities for chemical engineers.

3. Are chemical engineers in high demand?

Yes, chemical engineers are in high demand as many top companies such as Pfizer, Chevron, Ciba and many others hire chemical engineers for huge salary scales.

4. Which field is best for Chemical Engineer?

The pharmaceutical field is considered the best for chemical engineers followed by chemical industries and the energy sector.

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