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Accelerate your career growth with a diploma in automobile engineering June 29, 2022

Accelerate your career growth with a diploma in automobile engineering

Automotive engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields globally, making it an excellent investment for your career. The industry took a blow during the pandemic; due to fast economic recovery and the emergence of EV technology, the industry is back on track and booming.

From small buses, cars, and motorcycles to giant trucks; automobiles are the drivers of the modern economy. Moreover, the Indian automobile industry is projected to grow at a healthy rate of 4%.

Apply for a Diploma in Automobile Engineering Course.

Career prospects in automobile engineering are immense. Students with the right skills and education can quickly make an excellent and promising career in the automobile industry. A diploma in automobile engineering is just the right choice for students who want to master the requisite skills and kickstart their careers quickly.

In this article, we will discuss what automobile engineering is? What are the benefits of automobile engineering? Is automobile engineering a good career choice? Is automobile engineering good for future career choices? Top professional avenues after a diploma in automobile engineering, and much more.

What is automobile engineering?

Automotive engineering is a sub-domain of mechanical engineering. Automobile or vehicle engineering amalgamates mechanical, electrical, software, electronic, safety, and material science engineering elements for the design, manufacture, maintenance, and development of motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, auto parts, etc.

It is a research-intensive and creative field of engineering. Here students are trained to design, develop, manufacture, and test automobiles and auto components and convert concepts into prototypes and final products.

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What are the job roles of automobile engineers?

A career in automotive engineering revolves around designing engines, transmissions, and other automotive parts, understanding how things work, supervising production, after-sale services, coordinating with suppliers, inspecting materials, etc. Some primary roles of automobile engineers are-

1.Develop and test design through computer-aided design (CAD) software.

2.Ensure smooth operability of production line, and resolve issues.

3.Test and ensure that supply materials meet the required standards.

4.Ensure quality control of the final product.

5.Prototype testing.

6.Provide customer support and technical support to customers.

7.Prepare and report material, cost and timing estimates.

8.Manage labour force.

9.Plant maintenance.

10.Supply chain maintenance.

How to start a career in automobile engineering?

Starting your career with a diploma in automobile engineering is very simple and quick. Students have to clear class 12th in the science stream to directly apply to colleges for admission. Some colleges take entrance exams for admission like KEAM, etc.

A diploma in Automobile Engineering is a three-year full-time certificate program. During the three years, students will be taught all the required subjects and provided with all the necessary training and skills to ready them for a career in the automotive industry.

What are the benefits of a diploma in automobile engineering?

Following are some of the benefits of taking up automobile engineering with a diploma as a career choice-

1. You can start your career early. As a diploma is of a shorter duration compared to a graduation program, you can take up a job early. Diploma holders form the workhorses of the automotive sector and are quickly recruited into the automotive firms. Further, a diploma holder's practical skills are unparalleled compared to other courses.

2. After working for a few years, students can also take the A.I.M.E. (Associate Member of the Institutions of Engineers) Certification Exam. It is a professional certification equivalent to a BTech/B.E. degree awarded by the Institution of Engineers(India).

3. A diploma program is much lower in cost as compared to a full-time graduation course. Further, as students gain more experience and become seasoned and familiar with the industry, the differences disappear. Moreover, at mid-stages of career experience takes the lead.

4. If you have entrepreneurial qualities and want to start your own repair shop or auto service firm, a diploma is a right choice to get the necessary learning and training to start up.

Top professional avenues after a diploma in automobile engineering

Top professional avenues after a diploma in automobile engineering-

1. Start your own business

After working for a few years in the automotive industry, diploma holders can gain sufficient experience and save enough funds to start their own businesses. Some of the business options are- repair shops, auto service shops, dealerships, auto parts shops, auto part manufacturing, testing labs, design firms, etc.

Diploma holders are usually employed at the production and design stages; that's why they have good hands-on experience and seasoned skills to start their own business.

2. Join an Auto firm

Diploma holders can join as supervisors, sales associates, after-sales services executives, technicians, plant maintenance executives, factory floor workers, design engineers, production engineers, test and safety engineers, inspection and quality control professionals, etc.
The top recruiters are- Hero Motor, TVS, Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai, KIA, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Eicher, Ashok Leyland, etc.

3. Higher studies

Students who want to start an academic career or take higher education courses can pursue B.Tech/B.E. after their diploma. Diploma holders will have the facility to join the course from the second year onwards. After students can even take up PhD directly or even join an MBA!

Future of automobile engineering.

Many students have a misconception that there is a decline in the automotive industry, but that's not true. Industries and economies are getting mechanised at a faster pace than ever.

New technologies like EVs, hybrid fuels, hydrogen fuels, etc., are gaining space, and old production processes are getting smarter and digitalised. So the push is towards greater skill development, problem-solving and experience.

Students planning for a career should focus more on skill development, creative thinking, and developing a problem-solving attitude to make their profiles shine. The automobile is a sector which has a lot of transferable skills which you can utilise to take up more jobs or even switch jobs to a different field!

Prospects after a diploma in automobile engineering are immense. If you want to build a lucrative and promising career in automobile engineering with the best skills, learning and training, come and join the diploma in automobile engineering program at TOMS college of engineering and polytechnic.

TOMS offers diploma courses in automobile engineering, with the best education, training, skills, lab facilities and job opportunities for students.

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