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What is Automobile Engineering? Scope and Importance June 29, 2022

What is automobile engineering? Scope and Importance

Traveling on horses, elephants, and bullock carts is a history. Nowadays, high-speed cars are in trend and many upgraded vehicles are in the making. Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to the economy. In the fast-paced world, it is important to have vehicles that help you reach your destination well within time. But, who looks after this and works on the technology? It is the engineers.

Engineers are the ones who convert innovative ideas into reality. If you are dreaming of a flying car, engineers are the ones who can make it a reality! In fact, they might be working on one right now. There are many branches of engineering, which are as follows:

1. Automobile Engineering

2. Civil Engineering

3. Chemical Engineering

4. Aerospace Engineering

5. Mechanical Engineering

6. Nuclear Engineering

7. Biomedical Engineering

8. Computer Engineering

9. Environmental Engineering

10. Electrical Engineering

11. Marine Engineering

Among these branches, the one responsible for vehicles is automobile engineering. Here’s what it is all about and the scope in it.

What Is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering. It comprises elements of software, mechanical, electric, safety, and electronic engineering, which are used on planning, designing, manufacturing, and upgradation of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, scooters, and more. The branch is also responsible for the modification of these vehicles.

What Do Automobile Engineers Do?

Automobile or automotive engineers work towards the manufacturing of cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and even offroad vehicles. They also design and modify products, plan and design the manufacturing process of vehicles, and solve any problems related to vehicle engineering.

Usually, automobile engineers work towards a commercial purpose. They can design and manufacture vehicles for both private and public companies. Their other responsibilities include the following:

1. Working on planning and design of new products

2. Working on cost estimates and design

3. Researching, designing, and manufacturing component of vehicles

4. Work on design of vehicles based on the basis of environmental safety and energy

5. Utilize computerized models to predict the behavior of the vehicle or its components under various conditions.

6. Work on the development of testing procedures

7. Identify and work on product failures

8. Work with other branches of engineering, like aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial engineering.

9. Working with the legal team, and marketing and sales teams of the company.

What Is The Importance Of Automobile Engineering?

Automobile engineering has gained immense importance since vehicles came into mass use. Nowadays, people use vehicles to even travel short distances, and because they are machines, their components need to be changed from time to time and maintained to function smoothly. And so, automobile engineering can never go out of fashion. Here are some pointers highlighting the importance of automobile engineering:

1. Best Salaries

Automobile engineers have the highest paying salaries in the industry. People working in other fields get a comparatively lower salary package, but automobile engineers are offered the best salary packages as vehicles are always in demand.

2. Job Opportunities

After students completes their studies in automobile engineering, many vehicles manufacturing, and repairing and servicing companies hire at about 98% rate. The placements in this course are excellent and one can find a lot of growth opportunities in this sector.

3. Always In Trend

Among many branches of engineering, automobile engineering can never go out of trend. Vehicles are not only essential for transport nowadays, but they are also a status symbol. There is a lot of scope for automobile engineers to come up with new ideas and introduce upgraded vehicles. Vehicles can never go out of use, and therefore, automobile engineering will always stay in trend.

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Scope And Career In Automobile/Automotive Engineering

Many students think that automobile engineering is limited to only IT companies. They may have questions like “what is the scope of automobile engineering?” or “does it limit one to only some areas of work?”. However, this is not the case. Here are some other opportunities one can opt for after completing automobile engineering:

1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Professor
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Research and development
6. Consulting
7. Higher studies, like MBA, etc.

There are many other fields of work one can enter even after completing automobile engineering. Therefore, automobile engineering is a flexible course as well.

Once you have finished school, you can go for many courses in automobile engineering. You can opt for a B.Tech the usual way or go for a diploma in automobile engineering and save time. You can always make a great career in automobile engineering.

You can search for good colleges offering a diploma in automobile engineering and make a career in the same well within time. A diploma course is of a duration of 3 years, unlike B.Tech which takes about 4 years. Choose an engineering college that offers you excellent faculty, a platform to learn, and great placements to get your dream job.

You can opt for TOMS college of engineering and polytechnic as it offers you amazing career opportunities and a faculty that guides you well throughout the course. Here are the details of the diploma course in automobile engineering:

Course Details

The course is of a duration of 3 years and has an annual intake of 60 students. TOMS college of Engineering is approved by AICTE and is affiliated to Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Kerala.


The syllabus of Diploma in automobile engineering is as follows:

Serial No. Subject Name
1 Applied Mathematics
2 Applied Science Lab
3 Auto Electrical & Electronics
4 Auto. Repair & Maintenance
5 Automobile Chassis & Transmission
6 Automobile Machine shops
7 Automobile Mechanics
8 Automobile Workshop Practice
9 Automobile Workshop Tech
10 Automotive Engine Auxiliary Systems
11 Automotive Engines
12 Automotive Estimation & Costing
13 Automotive Pollution & Control
14 Basic Computer Skills Lab
15 Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg.
16 C Programming Lab
17 Cad Practice (Auto)
18 Computer Aided Engg. Graphics
19 Engine & Vehicle Testing Lab
20 English Communication
21 Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Power Plant
22 ISAP Lab
23 Machine Design & Theory of M/Cs
24 Mechanical Testing Lab
25 Modern Vehicle Technology
26 Motor Vehicle Management
27 Organizational Management
28 Project, Industrial Visit & Seminar
29 Special Vehicle & Equipment
30 Strength of Materials
31 Thermal Engineering
32 Vehicle Maintenance
33 Vehicle Maintenance Lab
34 W/S Practice (Foundry, Welding & Sheet Metal)


The world is growing at a fast pace, and the automobile is one of its pillars. People have taken up transportation to travel distances, short and long. Automobile engineering is responsible for the planning, designing, manufacturing, and upgradation of vehicles like car, motorcycle, truck, bus, scooter, and more.

Automobile engineering is of utmost importance. It helps people reach destinations on time. It has made it possible for people to travel across cities, states, countries, and continents. And so, it is a branch that pays the highest salaries, is always in trend, and offers excellent job opportunities.

There is a wide scope of career in automobile engineering. You can go for IT companies, become a professor, go for higher studies, enter the field of marketing and sales, become a consultant, and more.

If you want to pursue a diploma in automobile engineering, you can opt for TOMS college of Engineering in Kerala. It offers you one of the best faculty, a platform to get hands-on experience of the course, and placements. Enroll now and kickstart your career in automobile engineering!

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